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Nissan 200SX

About Nissan 200 SX

Looks wise, the Nissan 200Sx has been designed in the conventional retro fashion with rear wheel drive. On the engine side it is totally different with a turbo charged four cylinder engine with a six-speed gearbox. The car is light and affords a sensitive steering feedback. The engine pickup is fast and the manual gear shift smooth. In terms of safety, the car offers the standard dual airbags and anti-lock brakes. However, for a vehicle that is as quick as a Nissan 200SX, it is surprising that stability or traction control is absent.

Why buy a pre-owned Nissan 200SX?

A used car costs its buyer much less than a brand new one and this is true globally for all cars. A pre-owned Nissan 200Sx, is ideal for those who have some years of driving experience primarily because of the speeds the car can achieve at little notice. This Nissan model is sturdy and wears well so it is ideal as a second hand purchase. Look out for a used Nissan 200SX for sale and decide for yourself.

Where can you buy a used Nissan 200SX?

Buying and selling of used cars is a booming a business. Prospective buyers now have the option to buy a Nissan 200SX from USA. There are ventures in the USA like the web portal AuctionExport that facilitate buyers from Nigeria to buy used car of their choice from the USA. In a process that is totally legal and stress free, prospective buyers in Nigeria can buy used cars from the comforts of their home at the click of a few buttons.

The process starts with registration on the site. There are many ways of buying like bidding, participating in online real time auction, ordering a car etc. You can browse through the site to select the method that is best for you. Once you select a car and make the full payment, AuctionExport takes care of all the logistics involved in car shipping from USA including custom clearance, warehousing, shipping etc till your car reaches you at the destination port.


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