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1959 saw the arrival of a groundbreaking, boxy, subcompact coupe, the Mini Cooper. With a space efficient front wheel drive and a transverse mounted engine, the Mini Cooper, although a small car was making serious headway in the automobile industry. The packaging of the car was great with every bit of space turned usable. This sporty, stylish, affordable, fun drive car was small enough to park anywhere and was soon getting an iconic status all over the world. It was one of the most favored cars in 1960s.

Mini Cooper then took a long break and came back again in 2002. BMW decided to resurrect this legendary car and the new Mini Cooper became a perfect blend of the sporty, classic British heritage car and precisely engineered German car. Available in 2 wheel as well as 4 wheel hatchback as well as convertible, the Mini Cooper has an abundance of features to make it truly stand out. With the engine up gradations, the modern version of the Mini Cooper is much swifter and fuel efficient on the road.

The 2016 Mini Cooper comes in 3 different engine variations. Each one of these gives the car a peppy drive that is frugal on the gas while giving a full-bodied experience behind the wheels. Nimble handling is one of the hallmarks of the Mini Cooper. Its features as well as personalization cannot be matched by any of its rivals.

If you are looking for a subcompact car that truly rises above what is mundanely available in the automobile market, than the Mini Cooper is the car for you. For all those of you looking for a used Mini Cooper in Ghana, is the best place to find great deals. This online car auction company has a whole list of cars to choose from and once registered, you can start bidding for the car of your choice. Online car auction is the best method these days to get great deals on used cars.

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