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Used Hyundai Genesis for sale

About Hyundai Genesis

A full size, four door, rear wheel drive luxury sedan, Genesis from Hyundai appeared in the market in 2008. It first appeared as a concept car in the 2007 New York International Auto Show. Currently in its second generation, the car is a premium sports sedan.

The latest car is available with choice of Lambda 3.0 GDi, 3.3 GDi, 3.8GDi and Tau 5.0 GDi engine with 8-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode. To add to this it is fitted with equipments like lane departure warning, blind spot detection, intelligent drive mode etc.

Why buy a used Hyundai Genesis

With all the latest features and technological updates incorporated in it, Hyundai Genesis is a car that many will wish to own. However, only some will be able to buy a new one while others can buy a used Hyundai Genesis. The used version will be cheaper than the new one and also help you save on insurance.

Buy Used Hyundai Genesis from the USA

A used Hyundai Genesis can be bought by buyers in Nigeria through AuctionExport. This is a north America based website that offers buyers around the world a large choice of used cars. The process too is safe and legal.

To buy a car from AuctionExport, you need to bid for it but before that you have to register on the website. Once the account is formed, you can look for a used Hyundai Genesis and bid for it. A successful bid will take you to the payment portal. Pay for the car and wait for it to be brought to you in Nigeria. AuctionExport will take care of everything including, shipping, custom clearance, paperwork etc. and deliver the car at the pre-decided port in Nigeria from the USA.

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