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The Chevrolet G Series vans are manufactured by General Motors. The first Chevrolet Van was sold in 1961 on Convair platform. Then G20 from the Chevrolet G Series replaced the Chevrolet Convair van in the late 60s and entire Chevrolet G Series line evolved till it was replaced by the Chevrolet Express in 1996.

The different models of the Chevrolet G series had different utility based on its power and each generation came up with different models. The G20s that were in production from 1964-1970 had 6 lug wheels while the models that came from 1971-1996 had 5 lug wheels. A light weight G10 was also produced in the Chevrolet G Series alongside the heavy duty G20. The G20 series had a SB 262 4.3L engine. Over the years, though, not much was changed in G20 besides shifting to a throttle body injection fuel system and reducing the use of vacuum system. 1967 was the start of the second generation in Chevrolet Vans with a whole new look in the vans, with larger wheel base and V8 power engine.

The reliability of the Chevrolet G Series still remains unmatched and that is the reason that used Chevrolet G Series on sale are much in demand. The low cost of upkeep of the G20s series along with many different size and options available makes it one of the most sought after used car from USA amongst different kinds of traders and business owners. Catering to the used car market are many different auto auction companies. Auto auction is actually the growing trend in the used car market; however it is important that you buy from a reliable and licensed online car auction company. is one of the foremost players in the auto auction market. We are licensed and certified to operate in the used car market. We give our buyers the option to either bid for the car of their choice online or buy it at a fixed price. Bidding online is the more preferred mode as this gives you an opportunity to actually own a vehicle at a price much less that the fixed price. We can even help source the model of vehicle that you want in case it is not in our list of used cars from USA on sale. All you have to do is put in a request and we will source the best offer available on the best vehicle in the model of your choice.

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