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Produced through 7 generation, the Chevrolet Corvette, also known as Vette is a sports car manufactured by Chevrolet. The first version of this convertible was launched in 1953 as a concept car. It was named after a small, maneuverable warship called Corvette. Chevrolet Corvette has more or less stood as the American Muscle car or Supercar. There was a time when the Chevrolet Corvette was facing some handling issues and unimpressive cabin. This was effectively addressed when the C5 Z06 model was introduced in 2001. This model gave way to super successful ZR1 in 2010, and Chevrolet Corvette official got rid of its all dynamic demons.

The real business of the Chevrolet Corvette is under the hood that houses a 6.2 L LT4 V8 engine with a 1.7 L Eaton supercharger. These make is ultra-easy to get 650 hp on the car. The vehicle is available in 5 models – Eco, Sport, Tour, Truck and Weather. Tour and Sport are the ones that get maximum sales. The seventh generation of Chevrolet Corvette that is still being produced is the Starship Stingray.

If speed and power is what you are looking for in your car then Chevrolet Corvette is the one for you. It is easy to spot a used Chevrolet Corvette on sale, but it is very important to go to the right place to buy used cars from USA. A seller like, who is not only reliable in terms of quality but is also credible and able to stick to the delivery timelines is the right place to buy used cars from USA. has years of experience in the auto auction of used cars. Our online car auction is the most sought after by buyers as by bidding online and in real time you can buy a car at a price much less than the fixed price of the car. Once you have bought the car, we will handle all paper work related to shipment and get the car shipped to you at the earliest. You can even track the cargo en-route using our Live Vessel Tracking feature.

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