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Cadillac deVille Touring Sedan, also known as the Cadillac DTS is a full size luxury car from Cadillac. In the year 2006, Cadillac DTS replaced the Cadillac deVille to become the largest luxury car from Cadillac. Along with the re-naming, the manufacturers brought about a change in the styling and conventions in the earlier CTS and STS versions of the deVille. Cadillac DTS remained in production till 2011 when it was replaced by XTS.

Built on an upgraded G-platform, the Cadillac DTS was powered by a 32 V Northstar V8 engine that produced 275 hp. This was used in the standard, luxury and premium versions. The platinum version of the Cadillac DTS had 292 hp. With standard factory fittings like airbags, leather seats, headlamps and power seats, the Cadillac DTS was a complete luxury car.

The Cadillac DTS’s major claim to fame is the fact that a specially styled, high roof, armored car was debuted in the second inauguration of President George W. Bush. So if you are looking to own a Cadillac DTS that has such a rich history then check out Whenever we put up a used Cadillac DTS for sale on our website we get a good rush of buyers ready to participate in the online car auction of the vehicle. We are one of the most trusted companies that operate in used cars form USA.

As buyers you can easily register on this auto auction website and have access to all the used cars that are up for sale and join the online car auction of the car that you want. You also have a choice to simply buy the car at the fixed price in case you are not keen to bid. Most buyers however prefer the online car auction as it gives them a fair chance to own a car at a price much less that the fixed price of the car.

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