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The Buick Riviera is not your typical muscle car but it has still made a tremendous impact on the automobile scene of America. It is believed to be the most successful attempt by an American company to capture the European essence in terms of performance and styling. Buick positioned the Riviera at the top of its coupe’ line up and is the trademark of cutting edge technology and performance by Buick.

Production of the Buick Riviera started in 1963 when it was offered only in the sports coupe style. Back then the Riviera became an instant success with over 40,000 cars selling instantly. The sporty and dynamic look of the Buick Riviera was a new styling that was much appreciated. The frameless windows on the doors were a new concept to be ever introduced in cars. Launched with every kind of luxury options that could be conceived, the Buick Riviera soon became the flagship line of the Buick.

Over the years Buick Riviera want through some major and some minor styling changes to keep up with the changing tastes of the buyers till 1975 when the sale went to an all-time low. The 445 V8 engine that was under the hood was continued till 1978 when the engine was replaced by either a 350 or a 403 engine. Buick would continue to use the name Riviera in some or the other model for the next twenty years but none of them would be able to match up to the style and performance of the Buick Riviera of the 1960s.

The Buick Riviera still enjoys a position of great respect amongst automobile lovers and if you are looking for a used Buick Riviera for sale in Nigeria or Ghana then is the site that you should look up. This online car auction company has a huge list of cars that are up for sale and the list keeps updating regularly. Even rare to find cars that are not available at any of the local dealers of used cars can be easily spotted on the list. Once you have selected the car, all you have to do is register yourself and start bidding. The company has made it extremely easy for the buyers to import cars from USA because all documentation and shipping hassles will be handled by the company itself.

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