Used Chevrolet Celebrity Cars for Sale Ghana/Nigeria | Export Chevrolet Celebrity Car from USA to Ghana/Nigeria

Celebrity is one of the siblings of Chevrolet is middle in size and got introduced in 1981. It got high market in United States in 1980’s. It is based on the front wheel drive. Its body platform comes with features shared from Buick Century, Oldsmobile Cutlass Clera, Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser and Pontiac 6000. Power steering brakes and automatic transmission were standard equipment in 1980’s. Its 4 door station wagon has handling appearance package with included sport rallye wheels. The engine choice for euro-sport will be similar to other celebrities. It has three seats and its third seat has fold down option in the trunk of the station wagon. The Rallye rim has also base models. A new and optional getrag designed 5 speeds manual transmission is available on both engines. In 1986, it has introduced diesel engines. Generation 2 engines had fuel injection standard.

Balance Shafts:

Balance shafts were added to the technology 4 engine in 1988. The coupe was released for 1988 and hence substituted for lumina mid size coupe. When moving to FWD, it allowed more interior space than the celebrity’s predecessor due to its unnecessary need for drive shaft tunnel on the floor. These kinds of cars are better than dismal recall record of their X body parents importantly. Besides the standard euro-sport package, there was a restricted edition to the Euro-sport VR version available based on the 1986 RS cars. The celebrity model has 4 mono color schemes as red, silver, black and white. Fern green was avoided from the color section. It is also fitted with special ground effects and body decals. VR was available as sedans and wagons with the extended features to the coupe for 1988 model year. 1987 models was given a special VR only interior including bucket seats with thigh bolsters, red carpentering and special tri color door panels.

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