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The Ford Ronchero is one of its kinds in that this was the first car that was designed to include a truck bed and was called the original ‘car-truck’. The model was an immediate success and the production of this car by the Ford Motor company lasted two decades from 1957 through 1979 with over five million cars being manufactured during the 23 years time period. The car, which underwent body style changes around five times, was always modeled based on a particular car from the Ford car line.

The earlier models featured elaborate interior finishing, two-tone paint, increased accessories and hauled good economies boasting 30 MPG from a 144 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine and had a load capacity of up to eight hundred pounds. The later models included changes in engine types including a 260 V-8 engine, 289 4 V engine, a sporty vehicle with 390 4V engine in 1967 with a horse power of 320, bucket seats, styled steel wheels and four speed transmissions. By the year 1977, the car had become the ultimate choice in truck luxury sporting a thunderbird body style, power steering, seats, windows and brakes, tow packages, interior leather packaging and special paint color. Overall, this classic Ford car is an interesting vehicle to own.

Buy used Ford Ronchero from USA

A car like Ford Ronchero simply has all the features to make one hold their breaths. This is one such car everyone would like to get but the price tag that this brand new vehicle comes with is quite baffling for a person who belongs to a middle class family. Well, you need not to lose heart for you have still an option opened to own this car and that is buying a used Ford Ronchero from USA. You can easily purchase this car from a reliable online portal that deals with selling of used cars.

Auctionexport- a great portal to buy used cars from USA

When we talk about a reliable web portal dealing with the sale and purchase of used car, is the first name to cross our minds. And it is justified for the portal is fully approved by Canadian government, delivers what it promises for and that too at very genuine rates. Plus, registering with it is quite easy and the price you have to pay for it is extremely small that anyone can afford to pay. You have to bid for the used Ford Ronchero on the website, make payment and that’s it. The shipping of car from USA to your home port and the fulfillment of all other formalities will be taken care of by the company itself.

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