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Mandatory inspection before import of used cars for value for money

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has enforced severe restrictions on import of ex-fleet vehicles. Several car warehouses have seen a massive shortfall in imports in Kampala, due to pre-export checking of automobiles from the originating country to determine their road-fitness and proper records.

Any vehicle missing supportive records like logbooks, or not fit for roads vehicles are being rejected from being exported to Uganda. The exercise is being implemented from 1st November 2009 by UNBS.

UNBS prescribes to undertake compulsory checking by authorized agencies to certify their usage conditions before exporting it to Uganda. The automobile must have clearance document and sticker certifying the same.

Moses Sebunnya, UNBS' spokesperson says a lot has been worked out to stop car sellers who evade the examination. Some of the customs clearing agents have also extracted money from ignorant ex-fleet importers, claiming it as inspection fees.

Despite the trouble faced by importers, the car buyers will gain from this exercise. The quality of imported used cars has slowly improved since the launch of the compulsory inspection exercise, says Sebunnya.

The inspection will concentrate on the roadworthiness particulars, car supplementaries, structural and mechanical compatibility, and testaments for all ex fleet to be exported to Uganda. The vehicles entering the state without conformity will be levied a fine of 15% on the value assessed by the customs and will have to go through checking procedure again.

Japan Vehicle Export Centre, East Africa Auto-Mobile Services and Jabal Kilimanjaro, Auto Elect Mechanic & Paints Company are the three companies selected to check ex-fleet cars from United Arab Emirates

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