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For those who always believed that owning an Acura or a Honda would remain a dream for them forever, for the simple reason that it never was easily available in their country - and even if available, then only at ridiculous prices- then here a great news for them! You can now buy an Acura straight from the US, with just a few mouse clicks sitting at the comfort of your home!

Yes, with auction export this really is possible! The process starts with you registering yourself with the site, following few of the usual bidding related steps and ends with receiving the vehicle at your doorstep. Shipment is provided by the company at nominal charges that you can check anytime at the website itself.

The good news is that unlike the small online car exporters, at auction export you have a lot of choices to chose from- and these do not only include a few models in varying colors. A number of models are available in different custom designs and added and subtracted features. In case the kind of stuff you need is not available, you can try waiting for the car to be put up on sale, before you make the bid.

Even if you happen to be new to online shopping and bidding, the whole process is easy enough to understand. Assistance is readily provided in case of any doubts-which of course acts as an added feature especially when you are making such a major expenditure.

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