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Transporting your Travel Trailer to the UK

Two key elements are significant if you are transporting a travel trailer to the United Kingdom: if you export cars, you have to remember you are moving a travel trailer, which is different from moving a small truck or a car. Also, you are taking your trailer to the UK, which may have different requirements for these vehicles compared to those in other countries.

But don’t worry if you are planning to transport a travel trailer to the UK; enterprising individuals and experienced shipping services companies have done it before. Allow enough lead time to plan it all out, and for getting all the necessary documents and the schedules in order. Experienced companies who know about moving travel trailers, know that the process requires plenty of patience and skills for problem solving.

However, look out for the companies that make impossible claims and promises which seem suspect. If you think such companies cannot be relied upon, you are probably right! It is not possible for a reliable agent to complete all the arrangements in one or two weeks, and deliver your trailer a few days later, in good condition. The truth is that it will take a few months to plan and cover all the details of car shipping from usa, insurance, registration, customs schedules, dock fees and import costs.

As we have already mentioned, travel trailer transport to the UK has to be planned carefully, mostly due to there being specific limits for the trailer’s weight and length. It is a good idea to visit or call the VOSA – the Vehicle & Operator Service Agency. An agent in this office should be in a position to answer all queries about how you can transport the travel trailer over land, after it arrives in the UK. This is important, since you don’t want to waste months in the process of bringing your prized export vehicle in the country and to then find that you have to make alterations to make it legal. Licensing, lighting, brakes, hitch arrangements can all be different in different countries. It is better to tackle these issues before you move your trailer, rather than afterwards.

People who start planning out on car shipping from usa and transporting travel trailers to the UK have found that the whole process may cost them $2000, $3000 or even more, for a vehicle that cost them that amount in the first place. Estimates for transporting a small vehicle range from $500 to $2000 even for the least expensive – roll on/roll off service. And the transportation of a non motorized trailer is a different proposition, so to speak.

Make sure that all tax documents and the registration are in order, before you commit yourself to an overland transportation in the original country. What this means is that during the entire trip, your agent or you, as car exporter, are able to say yes when an official in an agency asks if everything is in order. Taking this simple precaution can eliminate long delays later in the journey.

Lastly, spend some time visiting some of the excellent websites dealing with travel trailer transportation to the UK. Some of these websites have very detailed information and answer a lot of questions about this process, if you wish to export car from usa.

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