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Things to Remember While You Import Cars to Qatar from the US

It is quite expensive and complex to import vehicles from other countries to Qatar. Still there are many people, who prefer to import cars for their personal use. If you are planning to buy a new car or used cars from the US, it is good to consider the rules and regulations including the import duty before importing vehicles to Qatar.

Car manufacturing is a very popular industry in the US and export cars have been booming for the last several years. There are many used car dealers and online auto expo agents arranging import cars from the US to Qatar.

If you are importing used cars from the US, you must check the age of the cars before buying it. It cannot be imported in Qatar if it is more than five years old. The main reason is that most of the imported cars cannot withstand the climate of a country like Qatar.

It is good to research various options before sending cars to Qatar from the US. Any warranties offered at the purchase of cars in the US will not be valid in Qatar. Besides, it is difficult to find certain parts or servicing of particular models for the imported cars here.

People who are planning to import cars to Qatar from the US should be eager to know various duties and taxes. There is a rule in the country that cars that are sold outside the Gulf Cooperation Council states are subjected to four percent taxes. If the vehicles are imported for personal use, there will not be any custom duty for such cars.

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