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The rules of Exporting cars from US to China


China is an emerging name in the international automobile market. With China’s economy growing to a large extent, it has become a prospective importer of US goods. Among these US goods, the most sought for goods are vehicles. US cars have an enviable market in China. Sitting in China if you are eyeing a stylish US car, it is never next to impossible. Rather from placing your order to clear your payment and arrange for the shipping, everything is just under the force of your index finger. With, you will never be misguided in your choice of a responsible shipping organization that can be entrusted with the task of delivering the US car at your doorstep in China.

Beijing, Haerbin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin are the main ports and the cities that enable the international transport of vehicles. Import duties are high in China. Recently the Chinese government has reviewed the customs and decided to hike it up for the large and luxury cars. As the customs officers inform, import of motorcycles is prohibited in China. All cars for private use are considered as luxury item and there is no exemption of duties for these luxury items. Rather luxury items are highly dutiable. The amount of the tax, as in most of the other countries depends on the size of the import. The type of the imported car can also be a deciding factor in determining the tax.

Up to about 200% of import duties can be imposed on the cars. Apart from this, a number of documents have to be submitted. First, you have to provide documents proving the age and the value of the car. The documents needed include written application to customs office, import cargo declaration and original invoice.


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