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The Regulations That Must Be Followed While Importing Cars To Togo

The auto traders from the USA are known to supply the brand new cars to various companies in Togo such as international construction companies, vehicle traders, support organizations, oil companies and also for the diplomatic missions.

Some of the tips to import cars from the USA are listed below:

  • The owners should know about the price quotes from at least three local dealers since it will help them to search for the global auto suppliers. Such suppliers will help them in importing the cars with complete required information.
  • Payment methods and Trade Terms are the two important procedures when it comes to foreign trade. The owners should be well aware about the financial procedures to import cars.
  • The other required information such as duty rates, customs regulations and about the documents that are necessary to import vehicles will be available with the global suppliers. However, the owners should also consult brokers about the financial procedures, to be on the safer side.

You can ship the vehicle to one of the main ports in Togo, such as Lome, Kara, Sokode, Bassar and Notse. Custom duty is applicable to all the vehicles that are imported to Togo.

The cars must also fulfill the demands of the Togo government such as

  • These cars should meet the emission regulations.
  • The cars should pass the safety regulations.
  • The rules and regulations that are applied on the imported cars must be followed by these cars.

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