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The Procedure for Car Shipping From USA to Nigeria


The car shipping from USA can be done in following ways. The difficult part of the process of shipping any car is to have correct paperwork for import and export.

Following are the steps involved in car shipping from USA to Nigeria.

  1. You’ll have to look for a company that is familiar with the procedure of shipping car internationally. Any reputed company will offer you a good number of options and thus, you must try to get the best priced bid from them
  2. Later, you’ll need to choose the preferred mode of transportation of your car. You have got three different options. One of the ways is known as RORO where the car can be driven by using any transport vessel. The next option could be to use 40 feet of consolidated container for shipping the vehicle. The last option is to send the car in private vehicle
  3. You need to arrange for the necessary paperwork prior to the shipment of your car to Nigeria. A letter of Authority is required from Bureau of Standards located in Africa along with the permit obtained from ITAC. The local address must be approved for the import permit.
  4. In order to ship any car to Nigeria, you need to pay the necessary duties, which will be calculated by shipping company. Before loading the car for shipping all the payments must be cleared.
  5. You could take the necessary photo of the exterior as well as interior of the car. These pictures will be for your record, in case there is damage during it transit.

You’ll need to insure the shipment of your car. If the car is being shipped through RORO, then the Insurance cost is a little higher. However with container shipping the insurance cost is the least.


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