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The Import Duty on Various Car Categories in Malaysia

Two main local car manufactures, Proton and Perodua, have been dominating the car industry in Malaysia. The national car policies set by the Government of Malaysia is meant for helping and supporting these car manufactures. High excise duties are imposed by these manufactures on imported cars. Hence the prices become expensive when it reaches the Malaysian consumers.

In addition to being expensive, the procedures are also quite complicated. It is not all that easy to import cars from Japan or the United States. You will need to calculate the expenses of high import duties if you are thinking about importing any vehicle into the country. The import duty on shipping vehicles from the United States to Malaysia will amount unto 300% of the actual car value, which is definitely not a very interesting proposition to the buyers

There are many car dealers and online expo companies that help their clients export cars from the US into Malaysia. The Customs department of Malaysia has their own method of calculating the open market value of certain vehicle models. The custom duty will basically depend upon the declared value of the car that is being brought into the country.

Import duty on various car segments according to their CIF values:

  • The import duty on passenger cars with petrol engines range between 140% and 250%
  • The duty of cars with 1799cc engines cost 140%
  • The custom duty on 1800cc to 1999cc car categories will go up to 170%
  • You will need to shell out 200% of CIF value on cars with 2000cc to 2499cc engines
  • Cars with 2500cc to 2999cc engines will cost you 250% more
  • High-end vehicles powered with more than 3000cc engines will cost 300% on their CIF values
  • Diesel engines will be charged with a flat import duty of 120% on their CIF

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