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The Flourishing Market Of Import/Export Cars In Taiwan


The market dealing with Import/Export cars in Taiwan is flourishing successfully. Obtaining a shipping permit from the US customs department is the first and foremost thing that has to be accomplished by the car dealers of Taiwan to import cars from the USA. The registration of the vehicle is mandatory to obtain a permit. A duty is charged by the shipping company for shipping the cars to Taiwan.

After reaching Taiwan, the car has to be inspected by The Bureau Of Foreign Trade (BOFT) in Taiwan. The BOFT will play a prominent role in calculating the import duty that has to be levied on the car. International driving license is mandatory for driving the permitted cars which are registered by BOFT, after paying all the duty.

The following are the instructions about shipping cars from the USA to Taiwan

Contact a shipping company that is registered by the department of transportation. A list of details regarding vehicle registration, engine number, vehicle model and other descriptions pertaining to its color, air conditioning, radio and mode of driving, like a left-hand drive or a right-drive is prepared by these shipping companies, while shipping export cars from the USA.

The shipping duty has to be paid to the company opted by you. This duty is derived from calculations on the incidental costs like transportation to harbors, age of the car and rules regarding the custom duty at the customs department.

Car dealers should inform the BOFT about their intention of shipping the car before 30 days, and on the day of shipping, BOFT conducts an inspection to allow the shipments into Taiwan.


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