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About 5% of custom and 7.6% of VAT will be charged if you import a car from US to Switzerland, though the actual amount is calculated on the base of the weight of the car and the capacity of the engine.

As in other European countries, here too you have to actually submit the technical specifications as the import is from a non EU country, not likely to fall under the same bracket. This is why the specifications have to be made. All new cars registered in Switzerland must be fitted with a catalyser.

If the import is not a new purchase, rather your old car in your old address, the import will be exempted from the customs provided that you have used the car for at least six months. For next one year you can drive the car in foreign registration only. Then after a time period you can get the Swiss registration easily.

All this is if you have used your car for at least six months in the foreign country. But if the case is not like that? If you have used the car for less than six months and along with you the car too needs an address change, then import duty and tax are musts.

Following the rules of Switzerland you have to provide a number of documents which include, the statement of the value of the car, the country of origin and a EUE 1 certificate (if needed at all). The customs office will guide you about this. Moreover there are a number of import organizations looking after these issues.

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