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Steps to import car into Luxembourg from the US


The process to import a car to Luxembourg has certain steps which are to be followed.

Firstly, you must have clearance from customs and excise department. It may include the payment of import duties and Value added tax. The amount of payment depends on the situations. Secondly, once this is completed, a Vignette 705 is certificate must be acquired.

Then you have to apply for the car’s registration. Then you have to take your car to a testing centre for a technical inspection. It checks whether the parts of the car are compliable to the European conformity. If required, then the car might be modified, depending on the car’s origin. Thirdly, you must apply for a new registration plate. Some people prefer buying cars from EU countries as they get vehicles at a cheaper rate there. Value added tax is payable on a new car only. If a car is used and has a mileage more than six thousand kilometers, then no value added tax is charged.

In Luxembourg, a value added tax of fifteen percent is paid by any car that is claimed to be new. If a car is being transferred from a country outside EU, must get customs’ clearance either from Luxembourg or the country of its first place of entry. The customs duty is up to ten percent of the car’s actual price, certain fees and value added tax is paid. It may vary from ten to fifteen percent. If the car is being relocated, then the tax might be removed from it.

Or, you may visit and appoint them to import your car into Luxembourg!!


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