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Some Important Rules And Regulations To Import Car From The US To Algeria


There are several rules and regulations which are legalized by the export/import department in Algeria. These rules have to be strictly followed while exporting a new or used vehicle from the USA to Algeria. You have to verify the ownership of your vehicle to the customs authorities as a foremost thing before starting the transport process.

The main ports and cities in the Algeria, where the import/export of the vehicles and other goods takes place are: Batna, Algiers, Constantine, Annaba and Oran. While shipping your car to Algeria, you should verify whether your car is eligible for the shipment or not. The eligibility conditions are mostly related to the manufacturing year, mandatory quality level, safety and security requirements inside the car and etc.

To import cars to Algeria, you should provide the following list of documents:


  • Passport – The passport must be with the last entry of the stamp.
  • The Certificate of the residence
  • The valid Visa given by the Algerian Embassy or Consulate at origin
  • Guarantee from the Bank or a letter of guarantee
  • Purchase invoice of your car


Following are the custom rules and regulations which have to be strictly followed to import cars in Algeria.


  • You should present the clearance
  • Only one shipment is allowed at a time
  • All the shipments are inspected by the respected officers


The most important clearance certificate can be easily obtained after the mandatory verification of the documents. Nowadays, internet plays a pivotal role in such trade. You could find a number of companies online for importing or exporting purposes in Algeria.


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