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Shipping to Brazil, emerging field in automobile

Shipping from US to Brazil is no more a seldom-searched option for the automobile enthusiasts. Rather it is considered as a prospective provision for the auto market.

Buying a US car sitting at Brazil is easy. You can just browse the list of the new cars and make your choice. The payment can also be made online quite easily. But now comes the question of shipping the car from the US to Brazil. Previously it was considered as a rare searched option as US cars were not introduced to Brazil in a large scale. But things have changed a lot and so have the shipping facilities from US to Brazil. Now there are a handful of options that a buyer of Brazil can choose for shipping.

But it is advised that while choosing the car from a US company, make sure that the car will suit the roads of Brazil, the driving rules prevalent there and the environment norms. Previously it was due to all these that importing US cars was not considered much. But now, the shipping does not pose any problem while importing US cars to Brazil.

But, Brazil government still marks car import as ‘not recommended’ due to non availability of spare parts and adequate servicing. This is more applicable to those who are planning to bring their old cars to Brazil. Yet, import is allowed. But when you are buying a new car from US, make sure that the parts are available in Brazil also. Foreign driving license is valid for only six months in Brazil.

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