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Shipping a Motorcycle to Germany is easy

Shipping a motorcycle to Germany is being done regularly for several years, and this is one of the best things going for anyone planning motorcycle export. Being smaller, motorcycles are also easier to handle compared to trucks, automobiles or boats. It is also possible to do airline transport, something not possible with a large export vehicle or multiple vehicle shipments. Many motorcycle owners who wish to stay in Europe and choose to have their motorcycle shipped to them report successful operation by airline and ocean freight companies.

Start arrangements two to three months prior to the shipping date and plan to take your motorcycle to the airport or the dock no less than seventy two hours before departure time. With motorcycles and small cars, it is possible to just drive or ride right up to the cargo building or airline warehouse. The company will probably ask you to ride your motorcycle on to the shipping pallet, where the port crew members will secure it. This is probably the most efficient and fastest way to ship your motorcycle to Germany.

The price for this service is likely to vary, depending on factors like the starting point, destination and any other requirements, but generally, the cost of shipping a motorcycle to Germany will be a few hundred dollars, although it can climb up to $1000. People who have experienced having their motorcycle shipped to Europe, advise that you start planning at least a month in advance, although two months might be a wiser option.

Apart from these costs, settle all the insurance details well before time. Be sure that you have the title and tax documents and vehicle registration in order and complete before you start your motorcycle’s journey to the shipping dock or the airport. Include title, taxes, registration, land transport insurance, storage at sending and receiving points, off loading and delivery costs in your calculations. If you are putting your motorcycle on an ocean going vessel, you may consider shared container or roll on/roll off options. Of course, there will be a difference in the price.

Lastly, ensure that the person in charge of starting and moving the motorcycle in Germany has a proper driver’s license. Additionally, you must have documentation to prove insurance for the motorcycle and liability for damages and injury to others. And since it is motorcycle shipping, you should also have adequate theft insurance!

It is true that it is fairly easy to ship a motorcycle to Germany; but still, it may be a good idea to enlist the assistance of a reliable shipping services or freight company experienced in handling motorcycle export. For a small fraction of your overall costs, these companies can handle the whole process smoothly and efficiently.

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