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If you are moving to UK and do not want to leave your car behind, the first action required for shipping Car UK is to get knowledge about all the necessary formalities, taxation and documentation required. In order to import car in UK, it is necessary that you get yourself acquainted with the customs clearance process in the United Kingdom.

The best way to handle shipping car to UK is to appoint a shipping agency which is experienced in handling car shipments. They are well versed with all the required documentation and formalities and can guide you through the process and relieve you from much of the burden of going through each and every process yourself.

The rate of import duty in the United Kingdom varies for country to country for shipping cars UK. There is also a Value added tax which is imposed for both commercial and non commercial vehicles. The first step in import of car to UK is to clear customs after filling in the relevant forms and paying the duties. Once the customs clearance is received, you can apply for the registration of your Car.

There are various forms and legal issues involved in registration of your Car in UK, which can be handled by the shipping agency successfully. Alternatively, there are various government help lines and websites which help you download the forms and also guide you in the process of registration. There are also certain exemptions from taxation for some cases which the shipping company will take care of and avail, if applicable in your case.

There are certain tests prescribed by the UK authorities for imported vehicles which are less than 10 years old. These include the color of lights, presence of fog lights, parking lights, correct headlights etc. It is also essential that the vehicle imported in UK conforms to the UK standards for the size of number plate, lettering match and shape. The tires must conform to the standards and should be capable of meeting the advertised speed of the car manufacturer. The car must have a brake fluid indicator on the dashboard and the speedometer should show the readings both in miles and kilometers. If your Car does not meet with any of the above, you will need to get it modified in the garage which is handling such modifications.

Before applying for registration you also need to get your car insured and get yourself ready with all the documents such as Sale Bill, Foreign registration, SVA test certificate, Customs Clearance, Insurance, Payment receipt for registration fee etc. After successful completion of the registration process you will get a UK registration number for your number plate and a tax disc for your windscreen.

As the number of formalities appears to be good enough, the shipping company will be in best position to handle all the affairs for shipping cars UK. While appointing the shipping Company you should discuss with them the mode of car shipment- whether by container or RORO service and also other terms such as place of handing over and the list of charges and expenditure involved. The shipping company will also guide you through preparing your car prior to shipment which is very necessary. SO, it is best to obtain quotes from several reputed shipping companies and choose the best after verifying their credentials and comparing their quotes for shipping Cars to UK.

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