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A Guide to Shipping a Car to Mexico

Situations may arise on various occasions when you may want to transfer your car to Mexico. For, people who are in service, transfers from one place to another are very common and along with other household items you may also want to move your car from one place to another. Shipping a car to Mexico can be done generally by water or by road if road connection is available. There are various automobile shipping companies which offer their services for transportation of your vehicle from one place to another. So, if you love your car and do not want to miss it when you shift your home from one place to another, you can very well opt for shipping your car too to your new home if the cost and other expenditure permits.

Although international shipping of your car is not very easy as you have to comply with various formalities and documentations, good international shipping companies can make this job easier with their knowledge and expertise in this field. Quotations for the charges and expenditure involved in shipping a car to Mexico can be obtained from few good shipping companies and after considering their credentials and quotes you can select the best one for shipping your car. The shipping company will inform you about all the preparations before shipping your car and will also carry out the necessary paperwork and other formalities. The shipping company will also find out about the relocation fee for your car which you need to pay for transferring it to another country.

Although you may have to pay some higher charges for hiring a renowned shipping company, but some extra amount of money spent can earn you peace of mind. You know that your car is in safe hands and they are capable of handling all the necessary formalities. A good shipping company will take full responsibility of shipping your car to Mexico thus relieving you from the worries about any loss or damage in transit. They also insure your car against any possible mishaps during transportation so that you do not incur any financial losses.

Before you hand over the car to the shipping agent you need to make a set of duplicate keys for all the locks of your car including the ignition switch. It is recommended that you give the duplicate set to the shipping company and retain the original with you. Same applies to the documentation part. All the documents including the registration certificate must be photo copied and provided to the shipping company. A complete set of original documents should be kept ready with you.

Shipping companies will also guide you about removing all valuables and attachments from your car. By following the list of Do’s and Don’ts, you can assure that your car is safe and that there is no risk of any damage. You may choose for door to door delivery of your car or may opt to deliver the car at the shipping port and collecting it from the destination port. So, we can say that by hiring a renowned shipping company for shipping a car to Mexico, you can assure safe transfer of your car to Mexico.

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