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Shipping motor cycle to Japan

If you are moving to Japan and do not want to leave behind your passion – your motor cycle, you may decide about shipping motor cycle to Japan. But before you finalize your plans it is advisable that you check whether your motor cycle meets the requirements for import of motorcycle in Japan. If it does not meet the requirements laid down by the Japanese authorities, it may require certain modifications before it can be shipped to Japan. However, you should check out for the expenses involved in such modifications and calculate whether it will be justified to spend such amount on your old bike or it will be advisable to sell it off locally and buy a new one in Japan.

Government of Japan has also laid down certain laws and standards for motorcycles those are imported in Japan. You should make yourself fully aware of all the related laws and make sure that your motorcycle meets the brake standards of Japan. There are also standards for emission testing in Japan and your motor cycle must clear the standard test for exhaust emission control. Tokyo is the only place in Japan where you can find offices for both brake test and emission standards testing. Therefore, while shipping motor cycle to Japan you have to ship it to Tokyo as you need to clear both these tests.

It is not an easy task to make all preparations for shipping motor cycle to Japan and as such it is required that you take services of a professional shipping company who can guide you in every aspect of shipping. It is also necessary that your motor cycle is packed in a correct manner so that it does not get damaged during transit. The motor cycle should be checked for any leakage before shipment and there should not be any liquid or fuel in your motor cycle while shipping.

Finding a good shipping company is the foremost requirement for shipping motor cycle to Japan. However, as overseas shipping is very expensive, you should try to find a shipping company which is both affordable and at the same time dependable. Before finalizing the shipping company, you should also find out whether they have the specialized containers for shipping motor cycles or not.

It will be a wise decision to appoint trustworthy companies for shipping motor cycle to Japan as they can meet all import formalities and prepare the required documents as per the rules of the country of import. You must check the credentials of the shipping company and find out about their experience in vehicle shipping to Japan.

Proper arrangements should be made for delivery of motor cycle at the port of shipment and someone should also be appointed to collect it from the port of destination. You should keep yourself furnished with all the contact details and website of the shipping company so that you can track the status of your motor cycle shipment online. Shipping motor cycle to Japan may get delayed due to certain inclement weather conditions and you should make provision for the same.

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