Shipping Cars Online, Export Car From USA To Hawaii

Things to remember while shipping car to Hawaii

Shipping Car to Hawaii is no more a difficult task as there are various shipping companies offering services to export car from USA. It is important that you should be aware of the government procedure at Hawaii when your car arrives there. Cars can be delivered in various islands of Hawaii and the status of your car can be known from the Vehicle processing centre situated at Honolulu.

Once you pay the import tax and provide necessary documents such as the registration certificate from the country of origin and other necessary declarations, you will be given a receipt for the taxes and a copy of import declaration which will facilitate the entry of car into France. Once entered in France, it is mandatory to obtain a French domestic license plate after completing registration procedure in France which should be completed within four months.

Before you deliver your car

Once the shipping company is finalized it is necessary to issue necessary instructions to them regarding the port and place of delivery, and before delivering the car to them it is necessary that you make an extra set of keys for ignition, gas cap, boot and all other locked portions of your car and handover to them while retaining the original keys with yourself.

Copies of Title and vehicle registration also need to be forwarded to them. A notarized certificate from the creditor in case the car is financed, needs to be obtained. In case the shipper is not the owner of the car, then it is advisable to avail a letter of authorization from the owner. You should also keep in handy with you the telephone numbers of the shipping company and their website address for tracking the status of the car shipment in case there is any delay.

It is important that you check the gasoline levels in your car before delivering to the shipping company. It should not be more than half full as spilling may cause fire. All baggage, personal items, CD’s, cassette decks and earphones etc. should be removed from the car and any documents of personal nature should not be send in the car. Before shipping Car to Hawaii, you should make sure that it is in good driving condition with proper tires and brakes. Transmission oil and engine coolant of the car must be changed before handing over for shipment.

You have an option of closed container shipment or open trailer shipment. Closed container, although expensive will be safe for car while in open trailer it will be subject to effects of natural weather. You may choose for door to door delivery of your car where your car will be collected by the shipping company and delivered at your doorstep at Hawaii. Otherwise you have an option to drop the car at the port of delivery and collect it from the port of destination. This can save you some extra charges which the shipping company will take for door delivery.

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