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Guidance on shipping car to France

If you are moving to France and are keen on shipping car to France you have to follow the rules laid down by French government for importing car in France. The car exporter has to pay import tax upon entry of car into France as applicable at the time of shipping. Whether you want to export vehicle from USA or any other country and whether it is used cars USA or a new car USA, you have to meet the custom requirements of the French government.

Once you pay the import tax and provide necessary documents such as the registration certificate from the country of origin and other necessary declarations, you will be given a receipt for the taxes and a copy of import declaration which will facilitate the entry of car into France. Once entered in France, it is mandatory to obtain a French domestic license plate after completing registration procedure in France which should be completed within four months.

After getting a good knowledge of the French rules regarding auto shipping, you can go ahead with finalization of the shipping company and prepare your car for shipping to France. While choosing a shipping company you have to decide upon whether you want a closed container movement or an open carrier movement. You should also decide whether you need door to door delivery or you opt for handing over the car at the port of shipment and receiving it from the destination port. You must also finalize the shipping insurance cover which will cover your losses in case there is any mishap during the transit of your car.

The steps needed in preparing your vehicle for shipment to France includes-

Radiator and battery fluid should be protected in order to avoid freezing in cold temperature during the transit of the car. It should be checked that the car fuel tank is not more than half full as gasoline is highly combustible. All valuables should be removed including original documents. The vehicle has to be in good running condition which implies that brakes and tires are in good condition. If there is any alarm system fitted in your car, it should be removed or disconnected. Fire extinguishers, golfing clubs or any other loose items must be removed from the vehicle before shipping.

Other things that should be kept in mind before you handover your vehicle for shipping to France are that you should retain the original key set with you and handover a duplicate set to the shipping company. All the documentation forwarded to the shipping company must be photocopied and the original set must be retained by you. You should keep all contact numbers and web address and email ids of the shipping company so that you can track the status of your car shipment in case of any delay.

You can obtain online quotes for shipping car to France by filling an online form. You can obtain quotes from various shipping companies and then can decide upon the best one suited to your needs.

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