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Procedure for Shipping cars to Canada

Before you finalize for shipping cars to Canada, it is important that you have good knowledge of the related rules and regulations in Canada so that you can prepare yourself well in advance. The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency administers various import regulations in import of Cars to Canada which needs to be followed for successful shipping of cars to Canada. Apart from these there are formalities related to licensing of the vehicle, sales tax and emission testing which should be adhered to.

Age of the car is also an important consideration for shipping cars to Canada. Export of Car to Canada whether new or less than fifteen years old is allowed only for those cars which were purchased either in USA or Mexico. If the car is not purchased in any of the two places than shipping of car to Canada is allowed only for those cars which are manufactured specifically for North America in the current year.

Different procedures are adhered for shipping cars to Canada for different areas. For car shipping from USA, various clarifications from Canada Customs are required. These clarifications relate to whether or not the model of the car to be shipped is allowed in Canada or whether any modifications are required to be done before shipping car to Canada. The details about the applicable duties and taxes along with the documents required should also be collected. The Car must meet the requirements of the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act if it is not purchased within Canada or USA. It is essential that all above requirements are met for smoother shipping of Cars to Canada.

Forms and Documents for shipping Cars to Canada

The Vehicle Import Form I must be filled in before you pay the duties and fees at Customs for Car shipping to Canada. Original Sale bill of the car along with the document showing the place of origin must be submitted along with this form. The customs at Canada will give clearance for shipped Car once the custom fees and duty is paid and all documents submitted. After getting the clearance the Vehicle Import Form II needs to be availed from the RIV. This form will be filled by the inspection authorities at the Federal inspection of Canadian Tire.

The shipping process for the car shipped to Canada is formally completed once the inspection authorities on the basis of documents produced by you fill in the form successfully. It is to be noted that the rules related to import car in Canada will vary depending upon the age of the car and the area where it was purchased and from where it is being shipped.

Choosing a reliable shipping company for safe and secured shipping of cars to Canada is essential as a good shipping company is well versed with all the formalities and documentations and can provide you peace of mind. You can avail online quotes from different shipping companies for the job and then decide upon the best after verifying the credentials of the shipping company.

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