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All about Shipping Cars to Russia- The auto shipping Russia procedure


If you are looking forward to learning how to ship a car to Russia, here we have a small brief about the Russia auto import export procedure. Since car exporting to Russia would require a lot of official paperwork handling on your part, it is crucial that you know the basics of Russia car export right.

Find out all about the Russia car shipping trends before shipping cars to Russia

To start with, try and understand the local Russian market and see what really is in demand these days. On an average, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Russia has been showing a lot of interest in importing cars that have been disassembled. For example, a lot of disassembled car parts in Japan are exported to Russia.

It may help you to understand that the duties payable on whole cars happen to be a lot more than the duties payable on car parts. Therefore, it is a smart idea to export the car in parts, then assemble them back when the car reaches Russia and sell them off as used imported vehicles. A lot of foreign companies have government permit to get their car parts to Russia free of taxes, if they plan to assemble them for sale purposes in Russia.

Nevertheless, if it happens to be a Russian company in question that wants to import foreign cars in the country, taxes are not avoidable. Many tend to view this as a major loophole in the Russian country law.

Rules and customs duty to be taken care of while auto shipping to Russia 

The customs duty payable tends to be on a much higher side while shipping foreign cars into the country. Various revisions as well as modifications have been introduced to the custom duties, excise taxes and value added taxation laws of Russia to keep the system updated.

If you are planning to ship a car to Russia, be prepared to pay a minimum of twenty five percent in taxes in the form of import tax. The rules of the country demand this payment to be made at the customs clearance point. Apart form this you would also need to pay the Value Added Tax, popularly known as VAT, and it is applicable to the new cars import to the country. The VAT amount should sum up to about twenty percent value.

Shipping Cars to Russia – registration and rules

The registration process for car shipping in Russia depends greatly on whether the dealer has been importing cars into the country for a period of six months if not less, or for a period longer than six months. In case the former is true, the registration would have to be done with the Russian customs department. In case the latter is applicable to the concerned dealer, registration can be done post customs clearance with the Russian Interior Ministry’s Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

With the registration of the car one gets a document known as UVTS (Vehicle’s Import Acknowledgement Certificate), that legally entitles one to use the imported vehicle in the country. Apart from this the Obligatory Third Party Car Insurance (of the OSAGO) policy would also need to be submitted at the customs.

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All about Shipping Cars to Russia- The auto shipping Russia procedure

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