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All you need to know about Shipping Cars to Italy

Car shipping to Italy need not be as cumbersome and tough as it may look to you in the first glance. All you need to know is the right procedure to be followed and the things to expect. Here is your complete guide to all you need to know about shipping cars to Italy:

All you need to know about shipping cars to Italy facts

If you wish to export vehicle to Italy, it may help to know that vehicles that have been in use for more than six months and traveled 6000 kilometers, can be brought into the country without any duty payments. This however is applicable only for those shipping cars from any part of the European Union. For others, the car must have been owned by the user for at least a period of one year.

The applicable import taxes

Whether you have bought a car from salvage car auction or if you buy car online, every country tends to impose certain taxes on cars shipped from other countries. Here in Italy too, certain tax codes are applicable, which you must find out well in advance before you start shipping the vehicle. An identification document would be needed for vehicle registration.

Besides this, other documents that you must keep handy while shipping cars to Italy are registration card, ownership title and also the car manufacturer's information. It is advisable that you keep the original documents, and not the document copies, since officials like to check the validity if the documents produced thoroughly.

The temporary import option

You can also temporarily import tour vehicle to Italy for a period of six months, against a charge of $1200. Escursionisti esteri may be applied for if you wish to avail a longer stay certificate for your car.

Preparing the vehicle for shipping and transport to Italy

Auto import export to Italy must be done with a lot of care. The authorities tend to be extremely rigid not only concerning the duties and taxes to be paid by you, but it also helps greatly to have all the necessary document related to your car (directly or indirectly) in right order.

As for the shipping of the car, make sure you chose a suitable transport option for the vehicle. It is best that you remove all unwanted and avoidable stuff from you car to prevent any accidents. For instance, make sure there is no leakage or liquid dripping from the car.

Shipping insurance and its importance

It is a very good idea to get shipping insurance done for your car, for the simple reason that during car transport there is always a lot of risk involved concerning car damage by fire, denting, theft, etc. Regardless how reputed the car transport company happens to be, get a shipping insurance calculated according to the worth of your car. Check the insurance offers carefully and get the best offers for your car to avail the maximum benefits.

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