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Things that you must be well aware of before Shipping Cars to India

Shipping cars to India is an easy job if you have familiarized yourself well enough with the rules and the laws prevailing in the country. Here are some basic rules and regulations that can go a long way in helping you understand how the process for car shipping in India operates.

Brand new car shipping to India

The general rule for auto shipping to India is that the steering and driving controls should be in the right hand side of the car. This helps in following the driving rules of the country. Apart from that the car speedometer must be showing the car speed measured in form of per hour kilometer, since the speed limit checks are made in this form in the country. The clearance ports for cars are available in the water shore metropolitan cities that are Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

Used car shipping to India

The used car is not allowed to be more than three years old if they are being shipped from some other country. This date is calculated form the date of the car manufacture. The steering and the controls should be the same as specified above. The speedometer too must be the same that is, measuring speed in hour-kilometer format. A minimum of five year document is needed to be produced to the authorities to ensure that they are well convinced of the vehicle’s roadworthiness

The general car shipping rules in the country

Passenger cars can be shipped to India only if the person agrees to ship no more than one such car into the country. This is regardless of the whether the car happens to be old or brand new. Furthermore the Indian law demands that the car must have been completely paid for in the country from which is had been purchased. No money should be pending on the car purchase if it is to be shipped in India. Also, if a person is planning to permanently move to India, the car must be shipped within six months from the date of shifting to the country. The passport as well as the customs clearance document is the related documents that you must get.

A quick checklist before you start shipping cars to India

Find out all about the tax laws prevailing in the country. Check out the latest amendments and the requisitions for the documents that are to be produced at the customs. Also ask the concerned officials about the documents you need to register and apply for to use the imported car.

It is extremely crucial that you select a good company for shipment of the car. This will ensure that the car is transported carefully and the chances of any kind of damage to the car are reduced to as low as possible. This becomes all the more important if you are shipping the car form a far off country.

Availing a car shipping insurance is a good option since the whole shipping procedure comes with a lot of risk of damage to the car. There are chances of loss by theft of the car too, so be very careful.

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