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Salvage cars export from USA to the UK

Buying salvage cars all the way from the US while you are sitting in the UK has become easy! Now with, you can get vehicles like the Alfa Romeo, just with a few mouse clicks, from the comfort of your home!

At this online auction site, you will find the Alfa Romeo Spider, Alfa Romeo Spider Vel, Alfa Romeo Milano Gol, Alfa Romeo 164D or 164 Sedan Door, and many other vehicles, all easily available at very cheap rates. But you have to remember that most of the models will be available only one time, so you have to be quick and grab it before it goes out of the stock.

The prices will start from a few hundred dollars and go up only to the extent the customers want it. Being an auction procedure, you will know the price only after the final bid has been made, which can be extremely low if the car is of a model or a style which does not appeal to everybody.

The car price, however, does not include the shipping charges, and you have to pay a bit extra for the transportation. But you will find the shipping provided by the company to be very safe and the rates quite low, depending on the location of the car and where it is being delivered.

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