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Rules And Regulation To Export Car From USA To Oman

There are certain set of rules and regulations to be followed if you are planning to import cars to Oman. Let’s go through some of them. Firstly, you need to take permission from the transport authorities of Oman to drive a used vehicle. Then a No Objection Certificate needs to be taken from the local officer for the same brand of vehicle that you have decided to import.

There will be certain amount of duty, which needs to be paid as part of the custom duty. If there is any penalty or fine put on the vehicle by the previous authorities where the car was already being used, then it is impossible to get the things done at Oman.

There are some documents required at the time of registration. Firstly, we need to show the ownership proof which carry documents like vehicle registration, bills etc. Then a copy of the passport has to be submitted with the import license issued from the local customs of Oman. This certificate will be issued at the time of import once the vehicle gets down at Oman port.

Also a registration certificate of the previous country needs to be submitted. If the car is purchased from the first buyer then a signed letter is needed stating the transfer of ownership from him to the buyer. Finally, the original insurance document, invoicing of the vehicle have to be submitted. The Oman commerce industry issues a certificate to drive the vehicle in their nation as only left hand driven vehicles are allowed there.

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