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There are certain facts about the Japanese cars (even the used ones) that should be known. The Used Japanese Cars gained popularity in 1970’s when Nissan and Toyota emerged to be the global leaders in the automobile industry. Japanese cars came into the limelight because of some major factors like their fuel efficiency and their compactness.

The Hinode Motors product Toyota started operating from the Aichi Prefecture in the year 1935 and the Toyota logo was established in 1936. The Toyota Motor Sales Company that was established in the year 1950 had spread globally from Thailand (Asia) to North America (U.S.A). Through this long journey, Toyota emerged as one of the major companies producing the highest number of automobiles in the year 2007. (information taken from

The Datson company came into existence in 1911 when a professionally trained engineer from America by the name of Sotaro Hashimato joined hands with three other people and created the company Kwaishinsha. On 26th December, 1933, the company Nissan was established and it took over the manufacturing of Datsons from another automobile division called Tobata casting company limited. On 1st June, 1934, the company got a new name – Nissan Motor Company Limited. Yoshisuke Aikawa, a brilliant leader from Nissan Combine was its founder. His plans were grand – to produce en mass 10000 – 15000 units every year and was all set to put his plans into practice.

The Japanese manufacturers have this great ability to become legends especially in the field of automobile industry. Their speciality lies in the fact that they give first priority to the needs of their customers and leave all else behind. This pure Japanese tradition has produced great results in the market. Today, we have Suzuki, Mazda, Honda, Subaru, Daihatsu and Mitsubishi as few of the biggest names amongst automobile manufacturers.

During the year 1980, the new system of fuel injection was put into use and the conventional system of carburetor distribution of fuel was replaced. The Japanese also introduced the computer tracker system in the car which upgraded all the previous models. This small computer fixed underneath the dash was able to identify and pinpoint even the smallest problem occurring in the car. Along with these latest technologies, there was also an improvement in the drive axle system and the interiors were made more luxurious. All these facts were enough for the Japanese companies to leave behind their counterparts.

The used Japanese cars are always in demand especially for those customers who fail to afford the brand new ones. Another positive point about them is the fact that most of them are available at the dealer auto auction and yards with absolutely full proof service papers. This makes these used Japanese cars quite a good bargain for all!

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