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Regulations in Rwanda for Import of Cars

Rwanda is an African country and its economy mainly depends on agriculture. It is one of the densely populated countries in the world. The unified customs regulatory system in Rwanda helps immediate clearance of different types of imported goods at the border including vehicles.

For the better service of the Rwandan taxation system, the government in the country has implemented a policy of harmonizing regarding the motor vehicle registration. The new law has been implemented since 2000 for all the existing registered vehicles and newly imported vehicles to the country. The registration fee will be paid for these vehicles once in a life time.

The custom duty and other taxes are levied for the import cars based on the CIF value of the cars. If you keep the vehicle for more than 15 days in the warehouse, you need to pay a 4% storage charge to the customs. Import duty will be calculated differently for new and used cars in Rwanda.

Rwanda is a country where you can find plenty of export cars from the US. There are many car dealers for new as well as used cars in Rwanda who can arrange the purchase and shipment of vehicles from the US without the problems of customs clearance. You can take the help of various websites for the import of vehicles from the US to Rwanda.

Most of the people prefer to import Sedans which are good for the roads in the country. The import duty can vary depending on the CIF value and models of the vehicles. Besides, the country applies various other charges and duties for the import of cars from foreign countries. Even though it is costly and difficult to find maintenance and service, many people still prefer to import cars into Rwanda.

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