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Agility is not the word that springs to your mind the minute you think of the Range Rover Sport. This 2.5 ton luxury SUV is a beast on the road that shows amazing enthusiasm and great off-roading capabilities. Smart features, classic styling, great handling along with its reputation, a used Range Rover Sport is a complete package.

Range River Sport first came into existence in 2004 and then went through a major facelift in 2010. The new design had a more aerodynamic front with a new design in headlights, bumper and grille. The rear end was also revised with new rear bumper and tail lights.

The interior saw a more significant change with more leather adorning the cabin space. Revisions were made in the steering wheel, seats, instrument panel, door lining, switch gear, almost every part of the internal space.

If you have been looking for a used Range Rover Sport then you must have noticed that the 2010 models come in 3 different powertrains. You have a choice of a 375hp 5.0L V8 petrol engine. You also get a supercharged version of the engine in 510hp. A new and heavier 3.0L TDV6 engine is also available.

Al 2010 models of the used Range Rover Sport will come fitted with 6 speed automatic transmission. For this model year, the designing and engineering of the range Rover Sport is focused towards performance and efficiency. For faster gear engagement a new system of clutch lock-up is also incorporated.

If space, efficiency and performance are your criteria for the next selection of vehicle then buy a used Range Rover Sport. Auctionexport.com has a whole list of used cars to choose from. This online car auction site is most preferred by buyers of used cars because its convenience and service standards.


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