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Public Auto Auctions – Finding The Best Deal

Public Auctions are the best place to find the finest bargain in the used car segment. Public auctions are normally conducted by dealers and sub dealers in used automobiles. These public auctions are open for people who wish to get good deals on not only salvaged vehicles but also on pre owned and used cars.

People have to pay a nominal fee to participate in these auctions. These auctions can be of two types. There is closed confidential tender auction and then there is open bidding process. Closed bidding process involves bidding through sealed tenders. This process ensures fairness and gives an equal opportunity for all.

Another most popular public auto auctions is online auction bidding. There are several popular websites that facilitate online bidding. The technical specifications of the cars to be sold are put up in the website. Bidders from all around the globe are encouraged to bid. The person with the highest bid is decided the winner. Usually the bid is kept open for a few days to encourage fair and free bidding.

Auction by financial institutions might prove to be the best public auction of all. Distress sale of automobiles are made at dirt cheap prices. One should look out for such auctions and take full advantage of it.

Public auto auctions are the best way to realize ones dream of owning a used and salvaged car. These auctions are fair and provide equal opportunity for all. This is an ideal platform to get a very good deal in the used car segment.

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