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The Pros and Cons of Buying and Leasing

At times when people take car finance they are in two minds deciding what is right for them. They opt either for a lease or a purchase depending on the suitability. Both have distinctive beneficial features.

Decide What you Really Need

The first step is rather important where you have to decide correctly what you actually need. If you wish to possess a fancy car for your self then you may pay some extra bucks for it but if the intention is only commercial then of course the decision will alter.

Various advantages of the car lease have made it very popular today. The first down payment including the monthly payment that needs to be made is rather low. Compared to the car which is purchased the leased car is less costly. The maintenance expense of a car on lease is also low. In addition to this the repair costs and other compensations in case of an accident are all covered during the warranty period. If you have taken the car for a commercial purpose then it is easy to pay off the price in small installments.

However, it the leasing system also has its own disadvantages. The only drawback this system has is the continuous payment that you have to make every month. If you purchase a car the loan taken from the financier can be returned the moment you have the cash. Then the car is your own and you are free from any contractual payment after that. Once you opt for the leasing system, you will need to start another lease when the first lease is over. The car that has been paid off is yours for the keeping and the expenditure obviously is next to nothing.

When you wish to possess an automobile, weigh the different options you have before you well. It is also important to decide whether you wish to have a used or brand new car for yourself. Even leased cars do seem attractive but before you come to a decision make sure oyu know what’s best for you.

If you want to get yourself a brand new car the best way to do it is by taking a loan. Though the payments at the beginning may be a little high soon you will own the car. On the contrary a leased car may not demand high payments but you will have to pay on continually till the lease period is over. Moreover the car is never yours. As soon as the lease period is up you will have to look for another one if you wish to enjoy the benefits of the car.

In the case of used cars USA, again you will be a winner because a car loan can easily get you a four year old car. Within the first three years you will be able to pay off the loan and the car will be yours. The used cars are usually cheaper but thought he maintenance cost may be more than a new one , the total cost of ownership is rather less.

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