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Procedure to Send Car from USA

It is quite obvious that the person who is required to send car from USA has to produce his proof of ownership. This document is called title certificate. As per the law, if you are intending to send the delivery by land, then you must be ready with all certificates 3 days before the actual date. The custom authorities will carry out the necessary inspections after you submit all the papers.

In case you are sending your car by ship or by air, then you must submit all the papers 3 days before the dispatch to the customs department. After receiving the necessary permission from the customs, you can export the car. The permission will be given on the stamped document.

All ownership documents will be treated as proof, if it is an original copy or a certified copy. If your car is leased, on lien or with encumbrance, then it will require certificate of authorization prior to departing it from USA.

In case of new cars, the statement of origin supplied by manufacturer will be treated as a title certificate and you can get it from the dealer. Always submit the originals along with 2 certified copy to Customs. In case of few used cars, it may not be possible to obtain title certificate and in some cases neither their manufacturer's statement is available.

In all such cases, the possession right of sales invoice or bill or any valid document can be considered as ownership document. Additionally, the owner needs to produce a certificate that the purchase is for legal use and it is not a stolen car. You need to submit its original copy along with 2 other certified ones.

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