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Positive Trend Noticed in Import Car in Nigeria

As per the data available, import car in Nigeria is showing a very positive trend over the last couple of years. Most of these data are collected from various important ports of Nigeria. Statistically these data have been analyzed and it was concluded that there is a significant rise in the number of middle class people in this country.

A good number of them are having sufficient disposable income from various sources. People are now increasingly knowledgeable about the credit financing facilities that many banks and other Financial Institutions of Nigeria are providing. According to the data available, it was also found that 33% of the cars imported in the country are used cars. These data are based on the reports available for last two consecutive years.

There is certainly a big trend among Nigerians to use imported cars. This increase in demand for imported cars certainly suggests that there is a sign of economic prosperity among the people in Nigeria. This is the reason that not only the common people are after the imported cars, but the same trend is also visible in corporate sectors too.

As per the economic forecast, there is going to be a big growth in demand for Import car in Nigeria. In some areas, there are doubts expressed regarding the accuracy of the data, however, experts who are watching the country’s economic scenario are expressing their unhappiness over the lack in number of vehicles, as compared to the existing population of the country. Hence it can be inferred that in future there is going to be a much bigger growth in import of car in this country.

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