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No Import Duty on Car for Non-Turkish Customers

In Turkey, importing cars is mush easy for a non-Turkish person, than a citizen of Turkey. The citizen is liable to pay import duty and taxes. He should be present at the time of arrival of the car, for clearing all the necessary paper work required. Import of new cars is usually simple than the import of used cars.

The individual should carry all necessary documents such as passport, power of attorney, marriage license, TAX ID card, residence permit and a rental contract. The household goods of the person should arrive two months prior or before six months, from the time he/she has arrived in Turkey. For returning Turkey citizens the rules are same except that the person should carry a letter of returning back from the company, in which he/she has worked.

You can also add household goods in the same container, with the car. The household goods will be released along with the vehicle.

A non-Turkish person can import cars that are duty and tax free, but the service is available for a limited period of time. The individual is allowed to use the car for not more than a period of 180 days. After 180 days the person has to send the car out of the boundary of the country.

The export duty is payable to the American government at the time of export. The only route of export is through shipment. The client has to contact the shipment company, which export cars. The company can also give you discount on container booking and transport services.

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