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The taxes you need to pay while importing include import duties according to the customs tariff, VAT (Value added tax) of 20%, excise duty according to the tax code of Moldova, customs processing fee and authorization fees. Often there are additional fees like customs bidding fees and similar fees like that.

Imports from some specific countries enjoy some exempts and preferential tariff treatment. That is why a certificate of origin of the imported car has to be submitted. But US cars generally do not fall in these categories.

A number of other documents are needed to be produced at the time of this transaction. But being an individual importer you need not to worry about this. The export company is entrusted with the responsibility to handle pre-shipment procedures whereas the import company will deal with the process that ensues after the car reaches Moldova. Moreover there are a number of agencies working in both the exporting and importing countries to make the entire process smooth. will help you reach these agencies.

Pre shipment inspection of a car all set to be exported is very important. If it is a transaction between two countries of European Union, then this inspection is not that important as the make of the car will be almost similar. But since, this is an import from US, the make of the car has to be verified whether it can run well in the roads of Moldova following all the traffic rules practiced there.

Once all the payments are cleared, an imported car can move freely within the customs territory in Moldova.

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