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Mexico, Canada and US, these three countries are in a trilateral understanding known as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Custom duty will be applicable to only non-NAFTA vehicles. The duty may go up to 6.1%.

Since US cars fall into the bracket of NAFTA cars, these are exempt of all tariffs when imported to Mexico. To know whether the car is NAFTA or Non-NAFTA you can take help from the customs office.

Another provision of tax is GST which is Goods and Services tax. Whenever any vehicle, be it new or used is imported into Mexico 5% tax as GST has to be paid to the Mexico customs.

PST is another tax provision. This is actually provincial sales tax. It has to be paid after the vehicle is successfully imported to Mexico. This tax is payable when the process of registration at Mexico gets started. This amount is based on the current tax rate of the concerned province where the importer is located at. Ideally, this tax must be calculated on the basis of the exchange rate prevailing in the hour when the car registration is taking place. Yet the practice is to take the official Mexico customs receipt to calculate provincial taxation.

If the car has air conditioning, an amount of $100 will be charged upon the import as air conditioning tax. It has to be paid immediately when the car crosses the border and enters into Mexico. The government imposes extra taxes if the car weighs more than 2007 kilograms or 4,425 pounds.

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