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Insurance auto auction generally refers to auction sale held by auto insurance firms. The phrase insurance auto auction can be confusing because it has been used in multiple contexts. However, in general it refers to auction of automobiles with expired insurance coverage. Salvage auto auction is a good example of auto insurance auction. As far as an insurance company is concerned a salvaged automobile is regarded as a "value-less" asset. They compensate their customer (auto owner) for the damage survived by paying the coverage amount and take possession of the salvaged asset (auto). Such automobiles are offered for public auction where anyone can quote a suitable bid. The auction may be open for several days and at the end, the highest bidder owns the automobile.

Used car auctions are different from insurance auto auction. Individual sellers also offer their salvage cars or bikes for sale through online auctions. There are many popular sites that help private sellers and buyers to meet up and engage in live auction programs.

Online sites are fairly dependable when it comes to salvage auto auction. You can also find online car agents who can help you in locating good dealers. However, if you are importing automobiles or parts from a remote location you would end up paying a huge sum on shipment. Nevertheless, international sellers offer competitive prices and attractive car brands. This is the reason why many buyers from countries like India and China import luxury used cars from US, UK and Canada.

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