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Duty rates on imported cars are high in Lithuania. The amount depends on the value, model, manufacturing year and accessories.

Though there is no temporary permit provision in Lithuania, importers are allowed a period of three months from the date of import to pay the tax. If the customer fails to do so, the car has to be exported immediately.

The documents which are required include certificate of title and registration, commercial invoice and import license. All these documents must be original.

As the rules say, cars under seven years with more than 1600 cc petrol or more than 1800 cc diesel will cost 10% duty with 18% VAT. Cars more than seven years and under 1600 cc petrol or 1800 cc diesel are subject to 18% VAT only. No duty is applicable in that import.

Import involves a detailed procedure. So is the export. But there are a number of agencies and organizations to handle this entire business on part of the buyer. The exporters are entrusted with the task of getting the registration of the car before it starts its journey. Pre shipment inspection is often mandatory by some government, so that the car may not have to be resent to the exporting country if there is some anomaly detected after it reaches which the importing country will not permit. There are a number of organizations who look after this transaction. To reach them you can take help from and rest assured. Just keep a watch whether you are following al the rules and regulations.

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