Price of Used Lexus Lx-450 Car in USA /Nigeria / Ghana | Salvage / Accidental Cars

Approx.Price of Used Lexus Lx-450 Car sold On was $ 1,550
(The Price of Car Depend On the Condition of the Car)

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Lexus Lx-450 is a complete luxury SUV manufactured by Lexus since 1996. This car is similar with Toyota Land Cruiser. Lexus started the productions of Lexus Lx-450 in year 1995.

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To get the idea of price of Lexus LX 450, we provided few cars that we sold on

1996 Lexus LX 450 sold for $ 2,750's sales department can assist you in searching Used Lexus Lx-450 within your budget. We ship cars worldwide, get in touch with our shipping department to get more information.

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