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All about Lemon Vehicles

Any car that has irreversible mechanical problem is commonly known as a ‘lemon’. Each state has its own rules through which it considers a particular vehicle a lemon. On the other hand, not every state has a lemon law.

Normally when any part of the vehicle does not function properly, and due to this the car is not safe enough to be driven or operated, then such a car is branded as a lemon by the state and given this title.

The fault with the vehicle should be a major one which leaves it impossible for the vehicle to be driven or not at all safe to drive. The vehicle would not be termed as a lemon if it just makes strange noises but can be driven easily. Problems like the car’s headlight or the brakes not working, or if it cannot be driven in reverse can make it a lemon vehicle, as these are serious problems.

In such circumstances the manufacturer should be informed and get the problem fixed. The vehicle can only be finally termed as lemon when in spite of trying to get it fixed three four times the vehicle still has the same problem and that too during the warranty period time.

In order to find out if your car is a lemon or not go through an Auto Check vehicle history report.

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