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No car more than eight years old can be imported to Lebanon. Lebanon government has made it a standardized practice from past five years. There are other technical specifications too that the imported car must have before it is declared as fit to drive on roads of Lebanon.

If it is an organization which is dealing with the import, no special license is required. There is only one exception. If the car is diesel-run, the importing organization too will have to abide by a number of rules and regulations. For individual importers there are usual charges of tax and customs. So when you are exporting from US, make sure you know the regulations and the limitations.

The customs duties on cars vary from 22% to 26%. Importing automotive parts and accessories is also subject to some duty charges and the charge is almost 20%.

Custom duties and taxes are based on the CIF value which takes into account the cost, insurance and freight value of the vehicles. For used cars too, the calculation goes the same. As the rule book says, if the CIF value is up to 20 million LBP, customs and excise duty will be around 5,000,000 LBP. If the CIF value is above 20 million LBP, customs and excise duty rate will be 50%.

To get the certificate from the customs the importer must produce a number of documents. The list includes, certificate of origin issued by the manufacturer of the foreign country, manifesto, containing the sales details, bill of lading and identity of the importer.

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