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It is Pricey To Export Car From USA To Denmark

If you love your car like crazy, only then it is advisable to import cars to Denmark. The whole process is very costly and the total amount comes up to almost the cost of the car. Better would be to sell it or keep it in your friend’s garage until you really are willing to get it back.

Once you import the car, then within 2 weeks of importing you need to pay the VAT and custom duty. Getting the insurance done for the vehicle is mandatory. Someone from the customs will inspect the car completely to see whether it matches the international car standards or not.

Once all these procedures are done then the registration of the vehicle has to be completed by the local transport department of Denmark. The whole process takes a lot of effort and it’s costly too. If the old registration of the car is from outside the country then a 10% of VAT has to be paid. All the vehicles which are more than 6 months old has been driven for less than 6000 kilometre are exempted from VAT.

Registration fee is calculated by the transport department of Denmark known as SKAT. It is normally around 60% of the similar car used in Denmark. So that means you might have to pay four times of the total value of the car if you are importing the car to Denmark. The whole process is expensive and time consuming too.

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